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Tolls World Tour - Barb

Explore your true colours and let them shine with Rock God Barb.

Welcome to a world of big hair and singing.  This is not 1980’s Sunset Strip, this is the crazy world of the DreamWorks Trolls.  The Hard Rock trolls are on their World Tour with one thing in mind but what will happen to all other music?   Inspired by DreamWorks Trolls and your imagination you can decide for yourself.




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In the movie Trolls World Tour, Queen Poppy and her friends go on an epic, Trolls-tastic journey to save all music. Kids can recreate favourite scenes from the movie or make up their own adventures with these DreamWorks Trolls World Tour dolls. Each figure includes a music-themed accessory based on their character in the movie, so kids can pretend their putting together a band or recreate favourite scenes from the movie.

Look for DreamWorks Poppy, Branch, Barb, Tiny Diamond, and Mermaid. (Each sold separately. Subject to availability.)
DreamWorks Trolls Copyright 2020 DreamWorks Animation LLC. All rights reserved.


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