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Star Wars figures have been one of the key pillars of creative play since 1978.  Stunning figures and playsets allowed children of all ages to recreate their most cherished star wars adventures.

Whether evading the dreaded imperial star destroyer of the imperial fleet or fleeing the onslaught of the elite imperial stormtroopers. eighty toys want to continue these Star Wars adventures and bring you the latest figures from the legendary Hasbro.

Star Wars: Black Series

Premium Details 6" Star Wars action figures and play sets

Star Wars: Vintage Collection

The original 3.75" Star Wars action figures and playsets

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Star wars toys and figures

For 40 years, Star Wars action figures, vehicles and playsets were the cornerstone of every new catalogue release.  The simplicity of the images did not relate to the excitement they created but the selection of Star Wars Toys available to children was equalled only by GI Joe. 

Every character, no matter how small or insignificant was available.  Every Star Wars vehicle, big or small was available and even vehicles that were not seen on screen were created.

Star Wars Toys by Kenner really were developed with one thing in mind.  Play! 

This is something that is sadly missing in the 21st Century and something that Eighty Toys hopes to change.

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