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it began

a whole new world

Late in the 1970’s a new world began to appear.  The Home Gaming System introduced a new world of imagination to families.  The Graphics were basic but the game play has never been challenged.


The Renaissance

Some might consider the renaissance to be between the 14th to the 17th century.  These people might be surprised to know that it actually happened during the 1980’s and 1990’s.  The rapid development of games and gaming systems introduced classic characters that would echo through the years.

the present

digital worlds

Progress in the digital sphere has been staggering.  Companies like Blizzard and Sony Online Entertainment introduced us to the concept of the MMPORG and a world within a world.  Computer Games and Digital Play broke barriers in a way that we could only dream about in the early days of computer games.  An escape into huge digital world that has culminated in worlds such as Minecraft that are now used within the Education Curriculum.  

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Our commitent

At Eighty Toys we are firm advocates that the continued promotion of physical play continues to be our primary goal.  We do understand that the digital world offers huge benefits to Children and plays an important part in the development of inspiration.

As a responsible Supplier, Eighty Toys shall only stock and sell Games and Digital Resources that inspire such imagination and therefore shall be age appropriate. 

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