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There are few things that stimulate a child’s imagination and a parents emotions more than the incredible machines that have appeared through out time.  Children and Parents alike have spent hours recreating these innovations in painstaking detail through toys and models.

At Eighty Toys we wish to help continue this tradition and maybe help cultivate the future aeronautical engineers and pioneers

Budding Engineers

Connecting those dots.

Some might consider it the ultimate construction toy.  Construction blocks in all their forms have formed the basis of imaginative play since time and memorial.

It is a short journey from the junior builders of today to the Civil Engineers of tomorrow.

racing drivers

the fast and the furious

Toys and Models can bring to life the thrill and excitement of Formula One, Nascar or the Indy 500.  Monster Machines that care nothing for sensitive ears.  Steam Engines that whistle through the ages.

Every great driver started some where.  It only needs inspiration.

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