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we never grew up

The window of a child’s innocence is small. Social media and reality TV has started to shrink this window further and children who should still be enjoying the innocence afforded them are becoming more interested tweets, likes and followers rather than the joys of play.

We at Eighty Toys grew up during the glory days of imagination and play with Saturday mornings a sacred time of cartoons and adventures. With these cartoons came the joy of the endless lines of games and action figures and a toy shop was nothing less than a treasure trove to innocent minds. Children wondered through aisles with magic and joy in their hearts. Parents reliving happier times, even for a short time.

At Eighty Toys we have a dream and that dream is simple.  To help keep this wonderous time alive.  To not let the window of innocence shrink any further.  To hold the line against the modern world.  To help future generations experience a Golden Era of imagination and play.  To help create the next generation of dreamers.

We are an Online Toy Shop but one day we shall be so much more………

this is a dream

not just a store

the ghost of christmas past

may 17th, 1980 With Love and Patience

Just as 1955 can be considered a watershed year for “Marty McFly”, 1980 can be considered a watershed moment for Eighty Toys .  It is the year to which our passion for toys can be traced.  May 17th 1980 to be precise.  On this day Empire Strikes Back was released into cinemas and changed our world forever.  

Not only because it was a sensational film but it introduced a young child to Action Figures and a wide world of toys and games.  Star Wars and Action Force consumed every waking moment with epic battles and stories playing out on the carpets of living rooms everywhere.

It was the beginning of the Eighties and what would turn out to be the glory years of toys.

The Ghost of christmas present

a love never diminished in Every Step We Take

It is an inevitability that our bodies grow older and for many so do our minds.  For some, the memories of the toys that shaped their imaginations do not diminish as quickly.  The Love for great toys and games continues to burn brightly within the soul.  The Love is never diminished.

So it is for Eighty Toys.  The heart is greater than the mind and so we have decided to let the soul fly free.  To try to bring great toys to the generations that follow after.  We hope to be an inspiration for those looking to set their imaginations free.

The Ghost of Christmas Future

everyone needs a dream from The Crowd

The Future?  Unknown challenges and unseen opportunities.  The future can be a scary proposition.  Staring off into a misty time unable to clearly see the path to take.  It is our dreams that provide the beacon that will help guide us.

Eighty Toys has a dream.  A beacon at the end of the murky and unseen path.  We hope to one day be more than a presence within the digital world.  We still hold faith in the joy of the physical.  To walk around a magical world full of adventure and imagination.  We have a vision of a Toy Shop that offers just that.  An experience for children of all backgrounds to come and forget their troubles and explore the aisles of wonder.

It is a grand dream but grand dreams took man to the moon and expanded human technology to the brink of artificial intelligence.  We are dreamers and we have our path.