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Since time and memorial, toys and games have been the backbone of play.  From animals carved from wood to the modern action figures.  The toys may have gotten more sophisticated but the joy they have brought has never diminished.

It is therefore no surprise that Eighty Toys have chosen this area as the backbone of our store and the focus of our initial investment in stock.

an innocence defined

a golden era

The late 1970’s and 1980’s were a golden time for Toys and Games.  Legendary movies and Cartoons provided inspiration for a spectacular array of toy and action figure and board games.  Toys stores were filled with classic branding for franchises such as Star Wars, Transformers, He-Man, Care Bears and GI Joe helping spark the imagination.

The 1990’s and 2000’s saw A gradual decline in the quality and range of toys and games available.  A reduction in Saturday morning cartoons and franchise movies coupled with the steady rise in both the capability and quality of computer games made it difficult for toy manufactures. 

the penny drops

An understanding

In the late 2000’s something changed. Film and Television makers started to remember the formula for great shows with great merchandise. The comeback was on!

Hasbro launched the Start Wars Vintage Range, Transformers released the War for Cybertron range and Playmobil launched their Ghostbusters range. Slowly but surely this cornerstone of play is growing.

…… and the future is bright. The exciting new Transformers War for Cybertron Series coupled with rumours of new M.A.S.K and He-Man outings make it an exciting time to be in the toy industry.

At Eighty Toys we look forward to being a part of it.

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